Quality Grounds Maintenance in Woking, Guildford & Basingstoke

Many businesses in and around the Basingstoke, Guildford and Woking areas make use of Q Landscaping’s grounds maintenance service. Others have given thought to it but haven’t quite made their mind up, while some are committed to handling grounds maintenance in-house. But there are great advantages that come with professional grounds maintenance, which we’ve looked to highlight in this latest blog post. We hope both those that are currently on the fence, as well as others who are committed to handling things themselves, will be given food for thought…

Why Should Businesses Invest in Grounds Maintenance?

Marketing – Ultimately, your business premises and the grounds you own around it reflect the business itself. Photographs of poorly maintained premises around Basingstoke, Guildford and Woking are not a great way to showcase your company and what it does online, in papers or industry magazines. Professional grounds maintenance staff can get your property looking its very best. You’ll be able to show it off and attract customers or would-be business partners.


First Impressions – Building on the previous point, first impressions are everything if you’re interviewing someone for a new position, looking to secure a new client or attract passing customers into your Basingstoke, Guildford or Woking premises. This first impression starts before the person in question even gets through the door; they’ll be assessing the premises either actively or subconsciously. A warm and polite welcome maybe too little, too late if the grounds maintenance side of things has been long neglected.


Health & Safety – Tree branches, overgrown foliage, grass and weeds, tree stumps and loose paving – all these things can be potential health and safety hazards. Many businesses around Basingstoke, Guildford and Woking use our grounds maintenance service to get rid of existing accidents waiting to happen and to prevent future ones occurring. In this sense, grounds maintenance can be an effective risk management solution, which reduces the likelihood of a staff member or visitor from suffering an injury on your premises and bringing court proceedings against you.


Good Vibrations – Staff like to work in clean, tidy and attractive premises. Arriving at work is a lot easier in the morning if you’re greeted by well-maintained grounds, and you’re more likely to get off to a productive start to the day. Basingstoke, Guildford and Woking businesses can use professional grounds maintenance solutions to help keep office morale high, and even to improve staff retention.


Save Time & Resource – Allocating staff members or handling grounds maintenance yourself can be a big time/resource sink for your business. It makes a lot of sense to keep staff doing what they’re employed to do, and calling in grounds maintenance professionals who will most likely be able to achieve better finishes, over a lesser period of time. Companies around Basingstoke, Guildford and Woking that think grounds maintenance is unaffordable for them should call us for a quote. You may just be very pleasantly surprised, as we ensure our prices are highly competitive.

Decided that professional grounds maintenance is well worth the money? Call Q Landscaping on 01252 543 189. We cover Basingstoke, Guildford, Woking and all surrounding areas.