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There’s a big difference between commercial landscaping that does the bare minimum, making a space safe and tidy, and commercial landscaping that goes above and beyond to completely transform a premises into something aesthetically exquisite. We love to take on projects for clients around Basingstoke, Guildford and Slough where we can really spread our wings creatively and deliver something that exceeds all expectations.


In this blog post, for the benefit of prospective clients who aren’t quite sure exactly how commercial landscaping professionals can help improve their grounds, we’ve run through five tips on getting the most of your space. If you want to discuss ideas or find out how our commercial landscaping team can boost the value of your Basingstoke, Guildford or Slough property, pick up the phone and call Q Landscaping on 01252 543 189.

5 Commercial Landscaping Tips to Make Your Space Shine

  1. All commercial landscaping work needs to complement the property’s architecture and suit its usage. There’s really no “one size fits all” approach that can be taken. New features should be well integrated with existing fixtures and stonework; adding intricate and traditional outdoor centre pieces to a simple and modern premises, or vice versa, isn’t a good approach. Simply put, commercial landscaping should help a Basingstoke, Guildford or Slough property achieve its end goal.
  2. You can have our commercial landscaping team help draw attention to your property’s entrance. This is especially useful if there’s some ambiguity to how visitors or customers might get inside. A clear and clean path and decorative hard landscaping, with complementing soft features like flowers or shady trees, can guide the way and create a warm and welcoming feel to those visiting your Basingstoke, Guildford or Slough premises.
  3. Employ commercial landscaping to guide visitor’s behaviour. For example, outside seating areas in attractive surroundings say: “Stay awhile if the weather’s nice.” Or if you have team members that enjoy the odd cigarette, creating a dedicated smoking area is a great idea. That way you don’t have cigarette butts littering the outside of your property, which could make a poor first impression on visitors.
  4. Keep maintenance at the front of your mind. Intricate and complex commercial landscaping schemes with high maintenance and tropical flowers, hedges and trees might suit some Basingstoke, Guildford or Slough clients, but the vast majority won’t want to have to invest the time to look after it all. Something low to mid maintenance can still be very attractive, don’t worry! Although, do keep in mind that we also offer a professional grounds maintenance service.
  5. Scale is everything. If you have huge trees that dwarf your property, or species that appears too modest in the shadow of a towering building, then your commercial landscaping just won’t appear well-tailored. Keep scale in mind and create an interesting landscape by using plants and hard areas at the appropriate levels.

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